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You may want counselling to help with a difficult life event, such as break-up or bereavement. Or you may be anxious or depressed and not really know why. I can help you deal with your immediate situation, and if and when you’re ready, help you look at relationships and events in your past which may affect how you’re currently feeling.


You may be worried that counselling means having to rake over painful experiences, or blame all your problems on your mother. It doesn’t. My approach is to follow your lead, which means only looking at things when you’re ready. I’ll gently question the topics you bring to counselling, and see what you’d like to look at further.


We have different selves at work, with family, with friends, and may see past versions of ourselves as a different person. We may believe it’s wrong to feel angry, sad, jealous, hurt or shameful, but this is all part of us too. As an Integrative Counsellor & Psychotherapist I can help you look at what keeps the different parts of you separate, and help you accept and feel comfortable with yourself as a whole, complex human being.

Please get in touch with any questions or to book an initial session where we can discuss what you'd like to get out of therapy and how we can best work together to achieve that. And above all, you'll have the chance to decide whether I'm the right counsellor for you.

A 50-minute session costs £50.